Expose Flash Gallery 4 è un ottimo componente gratuito per Joomla (CMS free), che consente la realizzazione di stupende gallerie di immagini e foto in flash, con effetti speciali per abbellire e rendere più professionale l’aspetto del vostro sito web.

Al momento in cui scrivo l’ultima versione della galleria in flash è la 4.6.3


– Joomla 1.5.0
– PHP 5.2+
– DOM (build-in PHP 5)
– GD2
– safe_mode must be Off.
– disable_functions must not include the functions exec and set_time_limit.
– file_uploads must be set to On.
– upload_max_filesize and post_max_size parameters control the maximum file size that can be     uploaded. Increase the value (default is 2M), if you have problems uploading high resolution media.
– memory_limit must be set high, so the image transformation can process the uploads.
– max_input_time and max_execution_time control the maximum time the script is able to run before   timing-out.

Caratteristiche e Funzioni

  • direct linking to a photo or album
  • a slide show can be automatically started
  • a background/foreground image can be loaded
  • more interface elements can be now customized
  • smoother Interface
  • iframe has been removed, full php integration
  • easier to adjust the size using only the expose.html.php
  • improved background color adjustments
  • check_system.php script added for troubleshooting
  • supports SEF URL’s
  • upload/add background image through Joomla backend

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